If ever Gauteng is to be the naucleus of anti-racist non-racialism, it will be brought about by the presence of black people in exclusive and elite whites-only suburbs, institutions and schools.

There is no way that racist whites are going to willingly open up opportunities and spaces for total access for them to be overwhelmed by black people, particularly Africans.

For over 350 years whites have created racial enclaves for them.

In 1904 Africans were forcefully removed from Johannesburg under the pretext of the outbreak of the notorious bubonic plague to be displaced in remote Soweto.

Soweto owes its existence to white supremacy and is a monument to racism, black inferiority, poverty, inequality, unemployment and human degradation.

Gauteng, especially Johannesburg, would have developed and grown to be the best human laboratory for non-racialism where black and white live together as equals.

The discovery of gold turned it into the best human experiment on harmonious coexistence and racial equality

But this was aborted

We have a new leadership that is truly cognizant of this fact and is rising to redress this anomaly

Panyaza is a man who, for the first time in 25 years, has broken down doors to learning and culture for the youth of this country to learn together and create a society of equals.

It is only when black and white children live and learn on equal footing that they will become equal Patriots and citizens.

The migration of the black elites out of the townships to exclusive suburbs deepened racism and inequality.

Worse, it justified racism and further entrenched class inequality in the black community. As things stand, Soweto is the most unequal society on earth.

Whites were willing to accommodate the black middle class, small as it is, to hold onto their prejudices and stereotypes about blacks as inferior except for those who had been recreated in the white image.

And then came Panyaza who did not blink in confronting this racism, cooptation and and entrenchment of inequality in Gauteng.

He has effected radical changes to rules of school admission, other things. This has serious implications for non racialism and equality.

We now stand on the verge of a young society that will unavoidably make South Africa look very different in the next 25 years.

He has subjected white families and their black elites to the same yoke as their servants, workers, helpers and gardeners.

As things stand now all their children have access to the same schools irrespective of material condition or status.

Panyaza will be credited for not talking too much about non radicalism but creating enabling conditions for the children fo poor working class to commingle with those of business moguls and corporate fat cats.

As long as Panyaza remains at the head of education, we believe he will set the national tone and agenda on how educational institutions will be centers of non radicalism.

As black parents we know how difficult and debilitating a task it is to fight racism as individual families.

Now we have a pragmatic visionary leader who clearly understands how to effectively use policy to break down the exclusive walls of racism and elitism.

We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to Premier David Makhura for listening to the voice of the people to reshuffle his cabinet.

Leadership is not about position but doing exactly that which will transform our society in a way that nourishes and benefits the soul of this nation.

The doors of learning and culture are now opened

Thank You Matamela

Thank You David

Thank You Panyaza

Now we are not talking but acting


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