I was waiting for my turn for a Bhuddist monk clean shave at the salon when this half-drunk, liquor reeking and loud mouthed tall man walked in and started ranting about Orlando Pie Rats victory.

Without greeting he told me that “Pirates is a good team and Kaiser Chips are weaklings.”

I know how to deal with this type. All I say is: you are right.

I no longer have patience for township types who drink too much until wee hours and talk  nonsense just because some team has won.

Winning and losing is part of the game.

I have reached a point in my life where I don’t waste time and energy discussing soccer results.

The game is done and over with and moaning about what happened or did not happen on the field yesterday is not going to change anything.

This encounter reminded me of Bra Alex Mbatha from Dube who dismissed township .EN as heavily depoliticized and irrelevant.

He had just returned with family from 30 years in exile in the early 1990s and was disappointed to re-discover township men more interested in Kaiser Chips and Pie Rats than issues of national importance.

“They talk about anything else but soccer and women,” he lamented.

I long lost the will to be a keen soccer fan. Soccer is the new opium of the people.

On top of it, when I don’t want to engage with intolerant men, I just nod my head in agreement and say: I agree with you.

Some men have nothing to say except to talk about soccer, sex and booze.

It is a phenomenon called township MENtality.

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