A shit-stirrer joined a drinking session at an after-tears now the other day

He poured himself a stiff shot, without permission, as he posed a question directed at no one in particular.

He said, “the National Question cannot be solved without the black middle class.

“In fact, it cannot be solved because of the middle class.

“You cannot be middle class and advocate for genuine black freedom.

“Frankly, the middle class exists to protect and preserve its benefits and privileges”

This was heavy radical politics.

He turned to someone closest to him and said, “What is to be done?”

The man lifted the bottle on the and joined him for a stiff shot.

As he gulped his drink he said, “I am doing what you doing. Problem solved.”

Some of us solve our problems by over drinking to avoid thinking and talking too much about the same issue: land dispossession and economic monopoly.

Talking heavy politics or winning a political argument does NOT solve the problem.

We know that the National Question demands decisive action.

So who will bell the cat?

There is too much at stake. We are trying to make the best of the bad.

So if someone wants to make you feel guilty, don’t entertain them. Just pour a stiff shot. It will relax your mind.

Some fake radical wants to make you responsible for the mess in South Africa, just offer him a stiff shot.

A good stiff drink dissolves politics.

Someone comes to pass judgement on your success and achievement and wants to underplay your individual struggle to get the little you have, just ask them what they will have to drink.

A nice house, car, clothes and a cushy job or business dont come cheap.

Oftentimes the first thing you have to sacrifice is personal integrity.

We know principles neither put the bottle on the table nor feed the children.

Organize the bloody bottle if not available.

Who are they to judge?

Someone wants to pick up a useless quarrel about the factions in the ANC and accuses you of belonging to this or that group, just offer something to drink.

Ask if they had something to eat. Tell them to dish up for themselves.

Watch the amount of food on the plate. Smile.

Let them drink if they do.

Someone wants to block your appointment to a much coveted position, ask them when is their birthday.

Buy them a good bottle of choice. Buy two and share one.

The other is a special gift just for him.

Shakespear wrote a lot about the power of a drink.

So did Can Themba.

It is not that drink solves the worlds problems. It just helps you to cope with problems that you cannot change.

A clever man will face, as in confront, a man who has no power to change anything.

A wise man – who has peace of mind – will not try to change a man who faces him

The overpowering impulse is for shit-stirrers to gyrate before peaceful men who have accepted the situation for what it is.

The National Question – whatever that is now – cannot be solved or changed if it cannot be faced.

Worse, it cannot be faced if we are afraid to solve or change it.

If you over 60 years of age, enjoy your life. The years ahead are shorter than the ones ahead.

Share a drink with a brother.

Treat all men and women – irrespective of ideological orientation, political creed, race or station in life – the same

It is later than you think.

Count your blessings

It is what it is

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