While we will not forget that we come from Soweto, we will always remember that the township is a monument to dispossession, white racism and mass removals

Soweto and its devastating inequality, injustice, drnkeness, rape, theft, murder, over crowding, exploitation and dispossession is our History

We do not want to celebrate this History of dispossession, rejection and self hate

We want to take what we can from this bludgeoned existence that is our past

So what is our Heritage ?

We moved to Diepkloof in the early 1960s when my parents succumbed to the apartheid jackboot of forced mass removals in Sophiatown and Alexandra

They got tired of slum life and allowed apartheid to hurl them into the dry and barren Diepkloof matchbox house

We want and have chosen the love, warmth, kindness and family bonds that kept us united and sane u der dreadful conditions to be our Heritage

Our Heritage is the triumph of the human spirit where both my parents, who worked menial jobs, had the courage to wake up to go serve our oppressors

Our Heritage is the moral strength and spiritual resilience they showed in the face of this brutality that failed to break their spirits

They were very small and unimportant people who, respectively, were a messenger boy and tea-girl, as they were called in those days

But the Heritage they gave and left us was to be fearless and bold and have the courage to face and overcome small minds

And, Lord help us, we have come across many in the course of our growth and development.

We know our History.

Above all, we know our Heritage

Not all History IS Heritage

So what is YOUR heritage

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