If a comrade or communist lives and works in an inherently unjust economic system that promotes greed and selfishness where to be rich and important you need money, the comrade / commie will be envious, tempted and even succumb to the lure of greed and corruption

He is only a fallible human being and wants the best for himself and his family. This is natural

The guilty party is NOT the comrade commie but the economic system that lures the comrade to commit mistakes and sin

Capitalism is a dog eat dog system where the smart guys takes everything or the biggest share

Does the comrade commie have a choice? Yes, he always does

He knows what is right and what is wrong

So, he will only stop the corruption when he has got enough stock for himself.

The question is, what is enough?

Blaming and condemning the comrades commie without addressing the ’cause’ of their mistake and sin is less than half the solution

It is dealing with the SYMPTOMS without looking at the CAUSE

I may be wrong but we have to be practical and realistic

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