We in the arts fraternity are a diverse society

So there are now two giant federations SAUCCIF and CCIFSA. No one body must die. In fact, the more the merrier. We DO NOT WANT any mud slinging matches. Lets promote tolerance.

There has been enough blood shed and conflict over guavament resources. If you not happy with what one body is doing, go to court. The better if you do your own thing.

Artists are NOT a homogeneous group. The Info Scandal and Song is a historical reference point. Do you remember that?Either you COLLABORATE with guavanment or you COMPLAIN and or COMPETE with guavament The former will receive funds while the latter may have to raise their own. It is the same qith socalled Private or Corporate Funds. They demand that artists do as they are told. Corporate is in an incestuous relationshio with guavament.

They rely on them for projects and profits.

So do t expect them to fund what they consider to be anti-establishment artists in the name of freedom and independence This is the economic reality. We must be willing to live with the consequences of our choice Of course, the issue of taxpayers money will be raised. If correct, Guavament has the power to use its discretion. Maybe. Yes. No. There is no unanimous answer. Rightly so!

Then there is the issue of ENTITLEMENT and demanding that resources be channeled to the legitimate and representative body

But who is to decide which body is and which body is not. Very complex question. If the fight is going to be over BUDGETS money and material resources, the difference is the same. No one is holier. Everybody wants access to taxpayers money. It is either you work with guavament to get sought after resources or you do your own thing.

For artists to be truly independent and free, they must do their own thing to raise their oqn money.

Frankly, artistic freedom belongs to those who own their means of production. Sad that post apartheid society has seen a growing over-reliance and dependency on guavament.

Who remembers Gibson Kente, for example, and what he achieved WITHOUT guavament support. Worse, over the years some artists have been given money that they pocketed for themselves at the expense of development.

Everybody seems to want to drive a BMW, stay at Waterfall Estate and dress in designer labels. I may be generalizing but these are the SUCCESS VALUES promoted by this supremacist, patriarchal and capitalist economic system.

The arts and creative sector – like all sectors in this unequal sociery – is fragmented, divided, factionalized and based on dog-eat-dog values. I dont know if our world has changed in 1994. But he who pays the piper calls the tune.

It is a grim choice. But it is either you do as you are told or you walk away to do your own thing.

Do something, your own thing. It does help. Maybe things are different here in post-Mandela South Africa. I need to be convinced However, there is nothing special or unique about where we are.

Worse, this is a democracy. The people are not homogeneous and dont have to agree on anything Yindaba kabani le

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