Almost always there is that one grootman that will impact your mind to change the way you look at yourself and your life.

You do meet people who come into your life through the pages of a book for a reason that transcends life and death.

I know that Steve Biko did exactly that for my mind, soul and life. His anthology I write what I like was a game changer for me. Well, it would have been wonderful if he lived to be 72 years old this year. He was 31 years when he was brutally murdered in 1977.

But men of his caliber do not live long in South Africa. We know that. And nothing has changed. Yes, they will kill you dead if you love black people too much.

But pieces of his spirit pervade this nation. His thoughts and ideas are like molecules in the air. Find them. Inhale the spirit. Liberate your mind. Looking back, this is one man who has done more than any other to raise me, to make me the kind of man I am.

He fed my mind and nourished my soul. Well, he was not perfect. He was and is not a God. But he loved the world so much that he was willing to lay down his life for us.

Is that not what God sent the Son of Man to do? Is that not what made Him God?

Salute, Steve Biko. Greater love has no man…

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