This brother called to wish me compliments of the new year.

We spoke a bit about how in South Africa we do things the same way in passing resolution but expect different results.

Well you cannot donthings the same way and expect to be a different person. It isbeither you change while alive or yiu arendead.

There are a lot of men and women who died at 21 to live to 80 years.

Do you catch my drift?

But I just listened. Let the man have his say. He is entitled to his opinion. I have learned you don’t debate opinion.

I grew up in e-loxion, Diepkloof in Soweto. Life is a mess there. Nothing is under your control. In fact, it is what it is. But it depends on how you look at things.

Growing up in the township, life has rich lessons.

I know men who stay in their mothers’ houses until they turn 65 or older. They turn a garage into a home to raise families.

You know this back room story. People have lost jobs and everything else. Home is where the heart is.

I have seen men pack to go to university late in life, in the mid-30s. They graduate at 40 years or later, sitting in class with boys and girls old enough to be their own children.

I have always wondered: What happened? Where have they been? Why the delay?

Maybe they are late bloomers. Don’t tell me about apartheid. Not yet. It is what it is.  It still happens today, 22 years into freedom.

Also depends on how you look at it.

Over the years I have come across a lot of 20-something year olds that obtained Masters degrees and PhDs from previous whites only universities. Wits, Rhodes, UCT. Others have been to the Ivy League, Harvard and all.

Upon engaging on an intellectual or political level you soon discover that all they know is what they were taught or studied by a racist education system.

They have no clue about the dynamics of a racist capitalist society.

The thing is, the more degrees you have, the more the  assumption that you intelligent. Yet you a product of rote learning education system. You don’t question anything.

But this does not prevent you from occupying the first table. Your degrees are your status. You are a VVIP at functions and events.

I was friends with young men about town with strings of girlfriends. They made girls pregnant leaving them with two, three children to marry someone else.

Some of the brothers got married to unfaithful women who were made pregnant by secret lovers. Apparently the good looking husbands had low sperm count.

But don’t judge.

I have seen high school lovers break each others’ hearts as they got married to other people due to family pressure. Or desire for security and comfort.

I have met girls whose fathers have never owned a bicycle but would ask a man what car he drives. They looked down on those with second hand cars.

I have shared good times and company with high school drop outs with no qualifications or matric. But they have managed to hit a score to end up with loads of money.

Some were just plain thugs who robbed and killed if necessary. Others became comrades, bringing gangsterization into the struggle.

Who said money cannot buy you status and power. Or pretending to be a freedom fighter will not earn you good positions.

But there are other socalled heroes who do matric at 60 years. This is after they have been confirmed to be achievers in their own right.

It would seem they love education qualifications.

You may be wondering what the point of these slices of life are about. Well, this is life. It is what it is.

You see, you don’t have to worry about the meaning of success or achievement. Dont look at the next man or woman.

Leave the hustler to do his own thing.

Your business is to know yourself.

Tell us why you are here on earth, man. If you 25 years and still don’t know your purpose, you still won’t know it at 50.

If you 50 and don’t have a lifetime partner or a place of your own, look at the danger signs.  They are all over. It is a wasted life.

But let’s not judge.

Remember, the Father has a master plan just for you. Do you know what it is? Are you fulfilling your mission?

Don’t envy the next man or woman. Don’t even think of comparing yourself to someone else, the next man or woman.

Don’t believe the hype about ‘all men are equal.’ It is a nice sounding pipe dream. Politicians with VVIP status love to say we equal.

Listen to Moreki. Life is about what he stands for in a money driven society.

Every man is unique. Every woman is different. No two people are the same. So how can they be equal.

I’m just thinking aloud.

Life is diverse. We come from different backgrounds. Not even siblings from the same family turn out the same in life.

Do your thing. Live your life.

To do that you must march to your own drum beat. You must dance to your own music. Find your own rhythm.

Life! It is what it it.

After 22 years of democracy and freedom, the rules for success have not changed. They are unlikely to.

You gonna live once. Discover your purpose.  Be true to yourself.

Don’t worry too much. Rest satisfied with what you have. You have something.  It is in you.

Who will you be in 2017? All the best !!!

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